Solutions & Services

1.Qualified advice on right product selection:

Unlike any other retail showroom experience, at PORTA, you will find highly qualified specialists in door hardware who are trained to provide you with the right advice on the types of door handles, levers and locks which will suit your taste and expectations.

2.Door hardware scheduling

Our expert project specifiers have years of experience in providing detailed hardware schedules for your project. All you have to do is to share your floor plan and door schedule for us to create a schedule that balances form and function, which means that we just don’t create meaningful first impressions but lasting impressions by ensuring a seamless flow through design integration. Our systematic approach to this task ensures that every fine detail is carefully studied and a perfect project proposal is made.

3.Master keying:

Going beyond the door handles and levers, the PORTA team will assist you with the right type of master keys which provides the utmost security to your biggest investment which is your home.

4.Technical support and advise on door preparation:

Our 360 Degree Technical Support starts from working with your designer in creating technical specs, inspecting your site as soon as the structural openings are created and continues until we ensure a superior functioning product until project handover. As a part of our promise to handle all your requirements beautifully, we go to the extent of coordinating with your door manufacturer / fit out contractor in providing even minute cut out details that would be required for a trouble free installation.

5.Installation support:

This is an important service feature available for you at PORTA. You can request the type of support you would need and leave the rest to us to execute it for you separately.

6.After sales support:

This is of paramount importance to us to ensure that our products are installed well and are working perfectly the way they should. The PORTA team are ready to offer this service, when needed, to all our esteemed customers.